MoDeNa  1.0
Software framework facilitating sequential multi-scale modelling

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file  condrad.f90
 Conductive-radiative heat transfer simulation.
file  conduction.f90
 Conductive heat transfer simulations.
file  constants.f90
 Physical constants and global variables.
file  cylprop.f90
 Estimation of effect of struts on radiative properties.
file  filmprop.f90
 Estimation of effect of walls on radiative properties.
file  foamgeom.f90
 Morphology descriptors.
file  foamprop.f90
 Effective properties of the foam.
file  gasprop.f90
 Gas properties.
file  hbrd.f90
 Hybrid Powell method for SNAE.
file  interpolation.f90
 Piecewise linear interpolation.
file  ioutils.f90
 Tools for file input/output.
file  main.f90
 Main executable program.
file  physicalProperties.f90
 Properties of gas and solid phase.
file  solidprop.f90
 Effective properties of solid.
file  specfun.f90
 Special mathematical functions.
file  tests.f90
 Top level routines.

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